Life is about balance. The good and the bad. The highs and the lows.

Victoria Lai. 18.


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I will not be your ‘sometimes’.

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my hobbies include staying up until 2am for no reason and being exhausted the next day

Listen mini me, you need to remember that you cannot be too hard on yourself. Do not blame it all on yourself, it is going to be too much weight for you to handle. So, whatever happens, do not think you are the person to blame, because you are not. You need to try and see things from a different perspective. When things happen, they happen for a reason. Most of the time things fall apart right in your hands, and it hurts, it starts to break you, and you can’t understand why it happened. You need to see that things fall apart so that better things can fall into place. What you think is the best for you might not always be the best thing, so life brings you a couple spins and shows you what you really need. You do not know everything, and you will be naive because you will not know what to do.
As things get more difficult in life you need to remember that the strength within you will always be infinite. You are going to get knocked down and fall right to the ground. You will have people tell you that you are worthless; that everything you are doing is wrong. You are going to feel weak and start to think that the strength within you will start to wither. Life is like a boxing match, you see. Life will beat you down and tell you that you cannot do it, that you’ll never make it through, that’s when you look at it right in the face and say “watch me” because this is only the first couple rounds, the match is not over and you can win. Through all the hard struggles you will face in life, you need to remember that your strength within you should never perish, even at your darkest times.
As time goes on, you will learn that it all just takes time for things to heal. You will learn that even emotional pain heals with time. So be upset, because you are human. Cry and let all the sorrow out, but do not let it overpower you. Once you let that darkness take you, it will be so hard to get out of. This darkness will seem like a monster eating you up from the inside, but you need to fight it. It will seem like an eternity before things start to get better, but don’t lose hope. I promise that eventually this pain will wither. I promise you things get better, just be patient. You will learn that you need to be your own hero because no one is going to save you but yourself. You will have others on the side to help you from time to time, but it is all up to you to write this story. That’s when you will learn that time heals all pain even if it does take weeks, months, or years.
Look at this world around you, there will always be light and dark. Both sides need to be appreciated in order to enjoy life. You will be given obstacles, and you will need to face them with the strength that you have within you. In order to appreciate the good in life you need to have bad times happen in life, because life isn’t fair. You will see that more and more as you age. You will get more bad times than an average person, but when you get the good you will be so happy. Life is all about balance. Think of the Earth and how it revolves around the sun while rotating, it gives us day and night. Tell me what is more beautiful; how the moon lets the sun shine throughout the day, or the way the sun lets the moon glimmer at night.
When you get everything figured out mini me, you will learn that you have such great passion for things. You will learn how to deal with stress by doing things you love, and that’s when you will see that you did make the right choices. So do not stress too much, because life will fall into place. Just take it step by step.

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